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To kill ants and stop them from returning, you need to understand them.

If you are hiring a company to kill ants at your home you don’t just want someone who received a few days training and doesn’t understand the breeding, feeding and other types of ants They spray and a week later the ants return in greater numbers). You want someone who is trained to the level where their friends refer to them as “The Ant Whisperer”. That’s where we come in.

Did you know that while some kinds of ants remain peaceably in one ant neighborhood others are invaders and love to start wars. Not just on other ants. If that was case our job would be easy (Just let them kill each other). Nope, some ants love to declare war on humans, pets and people's homes. Don't believe us?

Walk around barefoot in Florida for a day and you’re more likely to start believing us. Especially while you are pushing a cold compress onto dozens of red spots with blisters on top of your skin (Cold compresses, antihistamines and hydrocortisone are the best treatments for most people). Of course, if you are one of the unlucky people who get hundreds of bites it the venom can even cause hallucinations. And for a few people bites can even bring on an allergic reaction unless they receive medical care fast enough or have an EpiPen on hand. So, yes... Ants do declare war. And is also a good reason to have your yard properly treated to stop ant attacks "before they happen".

But that's just one example of ant attacks. There are many others. For example, giant carpenter ants when they sense a source of food are known to line up with hundreds, thousands or even tens of thousands of their brethren to "invade people's homes". We see instances where someone had "one carpenter ant in the morning" before they went to work and came home to find thousands of them making a line from outside, in thru a crack, crevice, window not properly closed and literally consuming something within the owners home. One example is that they can be attracted to certain kinds of clothing (They can literally devour a single shirt or dress in just hours while not touching anything else in your closet), bed covers and anything sweet. While they don't bite, waking up to find thousands of them climbing on your bedsheets can make for nightmares for a long time to come.

The truth is there are many kinds of ants (Mounding and void ants for example with the names indicating where they tend to live), many different body types of ants (Workers, soldiers, queens if they are mono-morphic) and even more types if they are poly-morphic which can grow wings to fly across your house and then lose the wings when they decide to crawl inside a crevice within your home). There are ants that eat only sweets, others that eat only proteins and oils. The number and types of ants that want to invade your home and yard is almost endless. But why are we explaining all this to you?

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worked you would not be here reading this. Most likely during your life you have already called several pest control companies to come solve your pest problem. So again, we ask... If they killed them and they stayed dead why are you here on our website? The answer most likely is that while you have found "temporary solutions" where the ants were killed for a few days or weeks that you, and the people you hired (exterminators) failed to find and destroy the nests. Bottom line, you and they lacked education into the many types of ants, where they live, how they travel, whether some of the nest fly or not, are they the type of ant that has one queen or many, etc... It's not your fault. You didn't go to school to learn how to kill ants. The problem is that while most people in the pest control business are not properly trained in how to kill ants and other bugs either.


You - have no training in how to kill ants.

Most Pest Control Companies (The other guys) unfortunately only train their employees for 5 days (plus 2 hours of continuing education a year) on how to identify thousands of insects, spiders and ants, to understand what they eat, where they nest, how many queens they have, do some of them fly, etc... And so our guess is that you have had other pest control companies in the past and can't understand why the bugs keep coming back over and over again... Which is why you are here reading about us.

National Exterminators (That's us) has a different philosophy. We don't think we can do a good job unless our technicians have enough training. So we train our techs for 90 days (Compared to 5 days for the other guy), plus we have 2 hours "per week" of continuing education (Compared to 2 hours "per year" for the other guys) so that we can properly identify the type of ant you have, the food sources they will be attracted to, the places they are most likely to nest, the most likely entry points for your home and of course the types of pest control that will most effectively kill not only the visible ants, but the thousands of ants that are hidden somewhere in your home or year.

We are better trained, spend more time on your property making sure that all the nests or wiped out and yet we offer better prices?

Why haven't you called us yet?

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