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Are you considering replacing the insulation in your existing home or upgrading the insulation for new home? Did you know that not all insulation materials are the same and that there can be major differences between the companies? We’d like to show you how with National Exterminators you can get more for less.

Bug Killing Insulation

Insulation in your attic and walks that kills bugs is a great idea that can greatly reduce the number of bugs and spiders in your home. Unfortunately, there are very few companies who offer it because it requires a special pest control license. The vast majority of companies that install insulation in Florida don’t have this pest control license meaning that they can’t sell it to you or install it for you. Most pest control companies that do have the license don’t want to learn the insulation business. The result is that we at National Exterminators are one of the very few companies in the area who can sell and bug killing insulation. This special bug killing insulation contains a naturally occurring substance named boric acid which essentially causes bugs to dry out and die (Think it is as similar to a salt overdose).

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Rodent Reduction

We’ve all at some point in our lives laid and wondered, “What’s that noise in the attic”? Most of the time the answer is rats, mice and other rodents. First they climbed through some kind of access point to enter the attic and then they take up tunneling and nesting. Tunneling? Yes, you read that correctly. Rats and mice love to tunnel in cheap insulation. They create basically what amounts to rat caves. We do two things to help eliminate what essentially makes your attic an idea home for rats. The first is that unlike many insulation companies (Remember they do not do pest control) we inspect for rat droppings before we start insulating your attic. No droppings. Great. We get started. But if we do see fresh rats droppings we approach you and suggest putting some special devices in the attack to catch the rats. Why is this important to you? First, if a company were to insulate over a rat nest in your attic it might kill some of the rats. That sounds good under they start to smell. A smell which could go on for months. Second, if we find rats we want to find where they are entering and leaving your home (Most rats will hide in your attic in the daytime and venture outside at night) and block those access points before filling your attic with insulation which could make finding the access points much harder.

Better Insulation

Many companies that sell insulation take advantage of consumers by charging high prices and then installing the cheapest insulation they can find. Insulation is categorized by it’s resistance to the flow of heat (R value). In winter you want insulation to resist the heat from your home escaping to the attic, walls and outside. In summer you want the insulation to resist heat from the sun from entering your home through the roof and walls. Basically “R value” is the ability of the insulation to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. But that’s where the problem is. Many companies will buy cheap (Low R often at R__) insulation and often they will not install enough of it (That attic is half full). At National Exterminators we use a high R insulation (R 37), fill all the crooks, crannies, walls and attic to a level above and beyond what most of our competition do. This lowers your electric bills and helps keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Fire Retarding

The insulation that we sell, and install, is fire retarding. Why is this important to you? Most fires start in kitchens where flames reach up to the ceiling. While a fire-retardant insulation will not stop a fire from burning down your house it could slow the growth of the fire enough for you to safely get the members of your family out of the house.

Beware of False Low Prices

When having your home insulated we suggest you beware of false low prices. If someone offers you a price that sounds to good to be true it probably is. Often the people quoting these low prices are installing a low quality (low %) insultation with a low density (think cotton candy versus a sweater) and not enough depth to properly resist the flow of heat into and out of your home. Then there are the bait and switch companies who will quote you a low cost on the phone and then try to hit you with all kinds of add-ons once the job is started. And of course then there are those who would use a low quality material. We suggest when getting quotes that you require the insulation company to list all materials, brands, R Ratings, densities and the total price. Then compare those prices with what we offer. We offer better quality insulation at lower prices. You have our word on it. National Exterminators.

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National Exterminators proudly services all of Collier and Lee Counties. Including but not limited to Marco Island, Naples, Bonita Springs, Estero, Fort Myers and Sanibel since 1977.

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