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Seen one roach and think you’ve seen them all?

Do you think that all pest control companies are the same?

Hiring a company where the person who comes to your home with only five days training (that’s average for most companies) in how to identify thousands of different kinds of bugs (including dozens of types of roaches) costly mistake (you pay today, they kill the roaches you see and two weeks later there are even more roaches).

Please take a minute to read why our company (National Exterminators) feels it’s so important to train our staff on identifying each type of roach, it’s breeding cycle, it’s preferred habitat and how not only to kill the ones you see, but how to kill the ones you don’t see. The reality is that for every roach you see there may be hundreds of roaches you don’t see. Part of this is that roaches don’t like to come out in the light which is why when you turn the lights on they run for cover. They also don’t like to be around anything they might consider a predator (aka you). If you see one roach and then kill it, you likely made less than a 1% decrease in the roach problem at your home. Found a nest and sprayed it? What about the other nests? Other nests? Yes, while roaches love to congregate, once things get over crowded they tend to branch out as individuals who create entire new colonies of roaches. So even killing an entire colony of roaches does not mean your home will be roach free. The key here is killing “all the roaches”. So how do you kill “all the roaches”?

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The first step is understanding what kind of roach you are seeing. For simplicity we are going to break all the different kinds of roaches down into two kinds based on “their lifestyle”. There are German roaches and “all other roaches”. For the sake of discussion let’s refer to these two groups as German roaches and common American roaches. What separates these two kinds of roaches is “Where they live”. German roaches after having lived with humans for thousands of years are now 100% domesticated. This means that they no longer live in the wild. Simply put, they are not going to come crawling into your home from the great outdoors. On the other hand common American roaches are NOT domesticated. Because they love humid places (the inside of homes are often too dry for their tastes) they prefer to live outdoors, attics and garages. But of course, that does not stop them from occasionally crawling in if they smell pizza or something else appetizing. After all, all roaches love human food and garbage. Another thing to know about roaches in their range. German roaches tend to spend their time very close to their primary sources of food and water. Often it’s a matter of inches.

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Another reason for this grouping behavior is that German roaches secret a “congregational pheromone” in their feces that attracts other roaches.This is why when you peel back something that has been unexposed for a long period of time you can sometimes see literally hundreds of roaches in a small circle. But...This does not mean that German roaches do not travel or spend time alone. When things get too crowded around a food source German roaches will travel, either by foot, or by attaching themselves to clothing, boxes and other things transported by humans. Once they arrive at a new home they begin putting out those congregational pheromones and attracting even more German roaches.That is why you may find several clusters of German roaches inside one homeand also why spraying only the roaches you see with poison does little to reduce the number of roaches in your home.American roaches on the other hand tend to be in attics, garages and outside with the result is that you generally only see them when they enter your home.

Roach population is a big concern.As badas it sounds American roaches have about 12 babies at a time (mostly outside). But German roaches generally have 48 babies at a time (with all of them being inside).Even worse, baby German roaches reach maturity in just weeks and then start having their own nests of 48 baby roaches. Don’t do the math.It’s not good for your stomach. So, why do you need to know all this about roaches before you try to kill them? Because knowing which kind or roachyou have helps determine whether the roaches are comingfrom someplace inside the living area of the home (food and water source) or whether they are travelers from outside. Basically, it helps to know where to kill them.Then there is the need to know what kind of pest control substances are needed to kill the various types of roaches.For example,while “dust” works best for killing American roaches before they enter your home, for German roaches a different approach of using baits and growth regulators (sterilizes the roaches) is far more effective. Why do you need us?

By now you’ve realized that trying to kill multiple nests of roaches yourself might not be the best idea(You might simply spread them to new areas). As you read this you might also realize the “5 days of training” given to techs at most pest control companies might now be enough for them to understand everything they need to know about where roaches live,breed and how to kill them. For instance, another example of “need to know information” about roaches is that American roaches drop the egg sacks at a very early stage (meaning the eggs can be somewhere in your home far from where you actually see the roach) whereas German roaches tend to carry the egg sacks with them until almost the last moments before birth. Do the extra hours of training so our techs know these kinds of things about roaches give us an advantage in wiping out not just the roaches you see but also the nests and egg sacks you don’t see? Absolutely. If you want the roaches gone, then don’t waste time, simply call the experts at National Exterminators. We do it right, the first time!

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