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Stop! Don’t use poison baits to kill rodents

Before you try to kill rats and mice in your attic with poison there are some things you should consider. One of these is what if the rats or mice die in the attic or walls? Sure, you saved money on killing the rats, but now you need to someone to come out and search for the dead bodies that are hidden in the walls and attic. Oh, and what if there are actually dozens of rats living in your walls and attic? How expensive will the search and removal process cost and how long will your home smell like ___________?

Beware of under-trained exterminators

Going to call an exterminator? Did you know that most companies only train their staff for five days, and that during this time they are supposed to learn everything they need to know about hundreds of types of bugs, spiders, mice, rats and other rodents? What are the odds they are going to do something that could lead to dead rodents in your attic?

Rats vs Mice

The difference between rats and mice is huge. It’s not just that rats are much larger than mice. It’s everything about them. For example mice are curious while rats are paranoid. For example a mouse will eat just about anything you put in front of it while rats will avoid any foods that have the human scent on them.


When it comes to mice traps can work albeit you may need a lot of them (Mice breed much faster than rabbits) and there are concerns about horrible wounded ones crawling off to die in your attic or walls. On the other hand traps don’t generally work as well for rats. Whereas you could catch many mice with traps it’s actually very hard to catch rats with traps. First, they have to be free of the scent of humans. But that’s just a first step because rats are suspicious of all new objects and smells. Whereas a mouse will run up to trap quickly, a rat may consider that bait for several days before making a decision whether to eat it or not. In fact, if you try to trap rats yourself what is most likely to happen is that you will make them even more suspicious with the result that if you do have a professional come out it can be several weeks before the rats will relax enough to take the bait in a trap.

Blocking Access

Trapping a few of the rats (Remember, they can crawl in and out of your home and so not all of them are likely to be in the home at the same time) is only part of the solution. Real solutions include blocking rats and mice from entering your home completely. Someone without a lot of training in this is likely to block a few points of entry, but not all of them. At National Exterminators we spend far more time training our pest control specialists than other companies. And that can make a huge difference in how we not

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