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Are spiders laughing at you?

Have you ever tried to kill a spider and failed? Perhaps you tried it with a shoe but instead of running away the spider ran towards you causing you to run screaming? Or maybe it was with a bottle of store bought bug spray (most of them do little or nothing to kill spiders). And what about when you were washing out the garage only to find spiders in every corner both high and low and tried to kill them by turning the hose on them only to find them all back the next day. If you tried any of these methods and failed then yes, spiders are probably laughing at you.

The first step in killing spiders is to understand the different types of spiders, where they like to live, which ones are dangerous, what they eat and finally what kills them and what just makes them laugh.

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Let’s start out with “Which Spiders Are Dangerous to Humans”? Most people have a fear of spiders but it varies by great degrees. For some the fear is so minor it has little effect on their lives. For others who literally run screaming from a room it’s no joke. There are even stories of people climbing on chairs and spending hours there waiting to be rescued because they have an extreme fear of spiders called Arachnophobia. So we’d like to start off saying that 99% of spiders are harmless and even more afraid of you than you are of them. They have no defense against humans except fear itself. They can’t bite or their bite is fairly harmless to humans. There are pretty much only 2 types of spiders that can cause real harm to humans in Florida. The Recluse Spiders (Brown being the most common) which have a black spot on their backs that resemble a violin and the Widow Spiders (Black being the most infamous but they do come in other colors) which gets it’s name from the rare instances where it eats it’s mate. Both of these spiders are non-aggressive, they actually prefer to hide, and the vast majority of bites are when humans do something that the spiders feel is threatening. In other words, if you walk away the spider is not likely to chase you. On the other hand, most bites occur when humans put their hands in old discarded clothing, or put their hands someplace before looking.

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piders don’t breathe like humans. If a human goes more than a few minutes without air they die. On the other hand, some spiders can go as long as 3 days without breathing. Hence, when you try to wash away spiders in the garage with a hose they just laugh at you and climb right back up to their nests.

When killing spiders with a spray can keep in mind that most bug sprays do not kill spiders. Even those that are sold in stores, when they work, only kill the spiders you see. Most bug sprays that say they kill bugs for days or weeks later rely on bugs first coming into contact with the bug spray reside with their bodies which are close to the ground. Spiders however have very long legs and can walk right through the bug spray residue and receive no harm. Hence a different approach needs to be taken. For example, a different set of chemicals for spiders than you would use for bugs. The next step is knowing where spiders are likely to have laid their egg sacks (Meaning identifying the spider type and breeding habits) and destroying the egg sacks before the spider hatches. Still another step is understanding the food source (bugs) that is attracting the spiders in the first place. The bottom line is that the best approach to eliminating spiders is identifying how they enter your home and block it, eliminate the food source and removing anything that makes attractive nesting areas for the spiders.

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