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When it comes to termites in Florida there are basically two types to be concerned with which are Subterranean Termites and Dry Wood Termites. Knowing which type you have (and whether you have them at all) is critical to the type of treatment your home and property need to kill not only those you see, but the thousands you don’t.

Subterranean Termites

One of the key factors is that subterranean termites need soil to survive. When it comes to homes they are generally found low to the ground in most areas with lots of wood. They create their own living quarters by creating tunnels under the ground, within wood and even within the very building materials of your home. It’s this tunneling which makes subterranean termites the most destructive termites in Florida. They basically start eating your home from the bottom up.

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Drywood Termites

Drywood termites are almost the opposite of subterranean termites in that Drywood Termites don’t require soil to love and can get the moisture they need from the materials they eat (wood) within your home. Whereas Subterranean termites are generally closer to the ground Drywood Termites love attics, furniture and pretty much anything made of wood in your home such as cabinets.


There are a couple of ways that people first detect termites. Year round with the subterranean termites it’s often seeing wood that is low to the ground in wet areas that has tunnels in it. However, what most people first notice is flying termites which look like ants with wings. These flying termites are called swarmers. In the spring these swarmer termites flyout from the nest in search for a new home for new colonies of termites. Seeing them does not mean you have termites, but it does indicate your home may be on tomorrow’s menu.

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